Editorial Departments

You like to be organized. We like to be organized. This your handy guide to our editorial departments.



You get it. There’s something to living in Edmonton that’s, well, different than anywhere else in the world. These are stories about the people and things that affect our everyday lives. And, yes, there are stories about snow removal, too.


You love to love this province. You love to hate this province. From the dome to the sticks, read about the things that affect not only you, but maybe people in Calgary, too. Or Vegreville. Or Falher. You get the picture.


Man bites dog. It’s what they teach you in day one of journalism school, to look for stories that highlight the unusual and unexpected. This is where you’ll find the stories that will be tomorrow’s water-cooler conversations.

Loonies and Toonies

Money can’t buy you happiness. Yet, a wise man named Tom Vu once told our editor, “but, would you rather be miserable and poor, or miserable and floating on money?” Don’t argue with Tom. If you care about the bottom line, you’ll care about what you’ll find here.


Sometimes, you’ve got to dig pretty deep to find the truth. And it can get messy. These are going to be some messy reads — and they require writers who aren’t afraid to break a few eggs along the way.

Frankly …

Not sure if you’re reading straight news, or an opinion piece? The lines have really been blurred in modern journalism. We will keep our opinion pieces in one place, just to keep things clear.


We know you watched the game. You’ve seen the highlights. You don’t need re-hash. You want to know what sports — from amateurs to the pros — means to your community.