Letter: Big SUVs and Trucks Are Growing Problems

It's time for Canada to regulate the size of big vehicles
2021 Ford F-150 Raptor

In response to your article (“We, As a City, Are Spending Money Picking Up the Slack for Somebody Else,” Feb. 3) I understand the need to not constantly update roads, parking spaces, etc. But, I am against the continuing growth: bigger and bigger vehicles on the road and having to adapt our spaces to encourage their use.

They are becoming a greater problem to smaller cars just driving on roads beside them.

I don’t want to see anything that encourages large vehicles to take over paths, driving trails, quaint road bridges and parks. Like cigarette smoking, the more you adapt to the problem the greater the problem becomes.

I would like to see large vehicles restricted. Their CO2 emissions are bad enough. Canada would be well served by restricting the size of large vehicles rather than a cap on oil and gas.