Griesbach Plan Hailed by Community League

GCL president Carl Knowler hails collaborative effort between developer, residents
NE Griesbach

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The president of the Griesbach Community League said that his members are proud of the relationship they have with Canada Lands, and are looking forward to the development of the northeast section of the neighbourhood.

Last week, City Council approved changes to the Griesbach Area Plan, which will shepherd in the final phase of redevelopment for the former military base and barracks.

Most of Griesbach has already been developed under the purview of Canada Lands, a Crown corporation. But the northeast corner, which currently has more than 500 rental residences that date back to the era when Griesbach was home to a Canadian Forces base, remains intact. Homes are spread out on large lots, and Canada Lands’ representatives told council that many are in states of disrepair.

They are slated to come down over the next two to five years.

Griesbach Community League president Carl Knowler wrote in an e-mail that his members have been pleased with the process so far.

“GCL is proud of the collaborative relationship it has with Canada Lands and the opportunity to provide feedback, positive or critical, on various developments within Griesbach. GCL had representation on the development committee for Maple Leaf Pond, and had many of our ideas and feedback incorporated into the design.”

And, he added that the northeast’s large lots and bending streets don’t work in a modern, urban redevelopment. The Canada Lands plan calls for mixed housing stock, including higher density residential areas of up to six storeys in height. Bikes, pedestrians and slow moving vehicles will share streets, and no home will be more than two minutes from a “pocket park.”

“The current layout of housing the northeast quadrant is very spread out and not suited for the housing density the City wants.”

Knowler said the Community League has been impressed with Canada Lands and Westcorp’s engagement with the current tenants, in order to help them transition to new housing.

“Canada Lands hired a company to look after the consultation and planning with residents and the Griesbach Community League. They did a great job. They held a public consultation day where residents could attend an event and provide feedback into what they would like to see in the development of the NE quadrant of Griesbach. They then developed three different concepts that residents and GCL could vote on and provide feedback. The final stage was to hold an Open House for the public to review the final plans and to provide further feedback.

“Griesbach residents are highly motivated in maintaining the community spirit that is prevalent throughout Griesbach.”